Business Services

Need help to market your product abroad? Looking for the right business partners?

Product Placement

Expand sales
and products abroad

Expanding into overseas markets can offer exciting growth prospects. But marketing and selling overseas is a demanding undertaking.

You need to plan your overseas marketing strategy, including deciding whether to sell directly or involve local partners. Understanding each market and building relationships are vital steps to success.
We offer you the knowledge and connections you need to make the right decisions.

Connecting Partners

Collaboration at it’s best

We have a large network of connections in all sorts of businesses both in Thailand and Belgium. We believe that bringing the right people together is the start of a successful journey. 

Media Services

Create, Produce, Publish

Together with our Premium Partners, we offer companies and authorities a full Media Service from video creation, location scouting, casting, media-planning, production to negotiating TV time or spaces in magazines.

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